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Keys to Me is a nonprofit organization designed to educate community workers (including social workers, psychologists, mental health professionals, educators, and law enforcement) in understanding how to recognize coercive control and connect with its victims to create a groundwork from which survivors can begin a return to themselves and a healthy life.

Keys to Me will provide support for survivors to pursue education, develop independence, cultivate healthy relationships, gain a realistic perspective on the past, and create a safe and thriving future.

Keys to Me strives to broaden awareness that coercive control does not discriminate – it impacts individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, educational level, or socioeconomic situation.



Education leads to critical thinking and independence.

Individual Freedom empowers a thriving human spirit.

Safe Communities foster hope, peace, healing, and growth.


Debby Schriver
Susan Dakak
Amy Edge
Susanna Navarro
Bill Goldberg
Lorna Goldberg
Tonia Griffin
Vanessa Woodruff