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Emergency Numbers and Hotlines

Suicide Crisis Hotline
Call or Text 988

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health for LGBTQ
Call 1-866-488-7386

National Domestic
Violence Hotline
Call 1-800-799-7233

Rape, Abuse & Incest
National Network
Call 1-800-656-4673

Report a Crime
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Human Trafficking Hotline
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Suicide Crisis Hotline
Call or Text 988

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health for LGBTQ

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

Report a Crime

Human Trafficking Hotline
TTY: 711
Text 233733


Keys to Me helps individuals through the aid of grant money awarded to those who are experiencing or who have experienced coercive control in either the form of cult abuse, domestic abuse, or human trafficking. The grant process is not yet open but will be soon. Keys to Me accepts referrals from other community organizations who can help identify candidates for grant money. 

What can grants be used for? Some individuals emerging from coercive control situations need money for childcare so they can pursue employment. Others might need funding for counseling. Another might need temporary shelter.


Keys to Me believes that knowledge is a huge factor in our ability to reduce the incidence of coercive control within our communities. Knowing what coercive control is, where and how it happens, and how to empower those who have experienced it, is of vital importance. We communicate this knowledge through community educational workshops.

When is the next workshop? Keys to Me is hosting a conference March 4, 2023. The event is free but requires registration, which opens January 1. 

Who should attend? First responders such as counselors, social workers, and therapists. 


All listed resources are nonprofit entities. Keys to Me does not make recommendations or endorsements, the resources below are offered as options, not suggestions, and should be vetted by inquirers.

ICSA  // icsahome.com

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) provides information on cults, cultic groups, psychological manipulation, psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, brainwashing, mind control, thought reform, abusive churches, high-demand groups, new religious movements, exit counseling, and practical suggestions for those needing assistance.

People Leave Cults // peopleleavecults.com

Education, intervention, and support for victims of coercion and their support network. People Leave Cults offers cult intervention and mediation services for current and former cult members, their family members, and loved ones.

Cult Mediation // cultmediation.com

Resources designed to help thoughtful families and friends understand and respond to the complexity of a loved one’s cult involvement, controlling relationships and environments.

Cult Recovery 101 // cultrecovery101.com

Our associates are consultants, psychotherapists, and counselors, many of whom themselves are former cultists or have been exposed to destructive cults or other coercive influence techniques. They have specialized training and/or experience working with people who may have been harmed by individuals and groups. Cult Recovery assists group members and their families make the sometimes difficult transition from coercion to renewed individual choice.

Cult Intervention 101 // intervention101.com

Since 1984, we have helped people with destructive cults, mind control, brainwashing, parental alienation, estrangement, abusive relationships, gurus, multi-level marketing, violent extremism and other forms of undue influence. Our approach is based upon our philosophy designed to help families and friends understand and effectively respond to the complexity of a loved one’s cult involvement.

CultNEWS101 // cultnews101.com

News, links and resources about cults, cultic groups, abusive relationships, movements, religions, political organizations, medical and related topics.

IndoctriNation Podcast (Rachel Bernstein) // Podcast on Apple

Welcome to IndoctriNation: A weekly podcast covering cults, manipulators, and protecting yourself from systems of control.

Helping Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Assault // helpingsurvivors.org

Resources on sexual abuse, riding sharing risks and safety, online dating safety, and information on types of sexual violence, grooming, and harassment. Also information on how to report sexual assault and abuse.

Sexual Assault Guide // florinroebig.com/sexual-assault-guide/

If you’re searching for advice on what to do after a sexual assault, consider this step-by-step guide for a detailed overview of what to do immediately following the incident, your rights, sexual assault laws in your state, and how to seek help with filing a sexual assault claim.